Presentation Guidelines

The following list describes session formats at this SETAC meeting.


Poster authors are responsible for the proper assembly, mounting, and presentation of posters at their assigned spot. Presenters will be allowed to begin mounting their display on their assigned board at 7:00 a.m.


Posters should be confined to the space provided. Each poster display will be 4ft tall x 8ft wide (122cm x 244cm) mounted horizontally. This measurement includes a 2inch metal frame border. Posters must be removed immediately at the end of each day, so that the boards may be prepared for the next day. The poster board surface consists of fabric over cork board. Push pins or Velcro can be used to mount the poster.

Invited Platform 

Presenters could make use of digital projection of a PowerPoint presentation. Please bring a backup of your Power Point presentation to the meeting on a USB Memory Device. Meeting organizers will advise regarding length of talk and other relevant information.